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Ready to get more subscribers? Our FREE 5 day course will teach you how to rapidly create a powerful automated funnel and start growing your list.

Ready To Get More Subscribers? Our FREE 5 Day Course Will Teach You How To Rapidly Create A Powerful Automated Funnel And Start Growing Your List.

Melissa Dominguez


Melissa is the creator of The Sweet Digital Life. She loves all things related to entrepreneurship, self development and business. She likes to help people realize there is a better and sweeter way to design a life they love. If you want to use your passion to create an online business that makes you passive income and allows you to quit your job and do the things you love, you're in the right place to get started.
Mariana Morgan


Mariana is the co-creator of The Sweet Digital Life. She specializes in growing brand awareness on social media and is always coming up with innovative digital marketing strategies. She has helped businesses grow their audiences on various social media networks. She also has a few online businesses and a network marketing business. She is also passionate about growing online businesses and helping other people learn how to do it too.